Posted on Nov 10, 2020

Hugo + Doom Emacs + org-mode == ❤️

So it begins. The setup appears to be complete - at least on the localhost. But by the time you see this it will be all online and running.

I’ve been using doom emacs for quite some time now and getting more accustomed with it every week. This right here is me flexing my new muscles, since there is no bloated wordpress engine running in the background or anything like this. All I am using is the hugo webframework and, well, doom with org-mode and ox-hugo. This all makes it fairly easy for me to write a new blog post and update it.

(Although I believe there is more optimization to be done, since in my mind the process of blogging to the interwebs will actually involve me manually uploading the new .md file to the webserver. Not a huge problem, since I have Tramp set up in doom to easily ssh into the remote server and can copy easily with dired, but still. There has to be a better way.)

That being said, I just love the ease and power doom provides me in so many areas - surely I will write on these in the future. But just to drop a few names: org-mode, magit, tramp, and the general coding environment.

But first, let me introduce myself

Since this is the first real project I am doing in English, let me lose a couple of words about my person and what inspires me. Over the last one and a half years, I have been getting into computers. My mission was to #learntocode and so far I have picked up some python and javascript. I really fell in love with all the open source communities, especially Gnu/Linux, Monero, doom emacs and the afformentioned programming languages.

In my youth I was a avid Harry Potter reader and to be able to slap some magic words into a file and have it do stuff is really a dream come true.

sudo rm -rf

Just saying.

This blog is meant as a way for me to document my journey and practice a little bit of typing (I have been getting better in the recent days, since I practice every day).

I have included some links on this blog, such as an email address. Feel free to contact me if you have some insights to share or feedback to give. I also have included a XMR and BTC address in the about section, so check that out if you have deep pockets.